Thank You

Ravi smiling while shaking hands with a man.

Dear Friends,

I want you to know first, and from me, that I have decided to withdraw my name for the Federal NDP nomination in Toronto—Danforth.

This was a hard decision to make. Over the past weeks it has become less certain that I am in a position to win the nomination. Given the late timing of this process, we can’t afford to draw-out our contest at the expense of building a united and winning campaign to take back Toronto—Danforth.

Since launching my campaign on a frigid Sunday morning in January, I have been continuously warmed by your encouragement and support. I have been moved by your openness to share with me your experiences and struggles. I have been energized by your enthusiasm for bold, ambitious, and progressive ideas.

I have had the privilege to speak with so many of you about the challenges of deepening inequality, skyrocketing housing costs, unreliable transit, lack of childcare, and worsening climate change.

I have also had the honour to share with you a collective vision for a better Canada, where everyone can live in affordable and inclusive communities, have decent jobs in a sustainable economy, and benefit from quality public services. I am confident that if elected I would serve our community with tenacity, skill, and dedication.

Our community needs and deserves a strong, progressive voice in Ottawa with the full support of our party and our entire membership. Our community needs, now more than ever, to elect an NDP Member of Parliament.

I put my name forward to run for office because I have a deep and unwavering belief in public service. As a proud and lifelong New Democrat it has been so fulfilling to work for so many incredible NDP representatives from our community – Jack Layton, Marilyn Churley, Craig Scott, Peter Tabuns, Paula Fletcher and Jennifer Story. They have inspired me as I know they continue to inspire you.

Throughout my life I have witnessed a growing gap between the rich and the rest of us, between our climate and our economy, and between our governments and the public interest. I’ve seen this gap grow through both Conservative and Liberal governments alike. This growing gap is what’s fueling the rise of greed, hatred, and authoritarianism in our society and around the world.

Nevertheless, as a New Democrat, I carry an unshakeable optimism in human potential and our ability to overcome tough challenges when we work together. If you haven’t already, you should join us, and become a member of the NDP.

Personally, I can’t help but be a little disappointed. However, I’m still inspired by the chance to come together and build a strong, energized, and winning campaign.

I would like to thank my family and especially my parents, who inspired me to put my name forward and who have supported me from the very beginning. Thank you to the love of my life, Kristen, who has held my hand throughout this process and with whom I’m excited to spend more time.

I would like to thank my very special team of volunteers, including my Campaign Manager Nicolas, who have all worked tirelessly and brought their considerable talent and perseverance to the table every day. I would also like to thank every supporter who shared their excitement, took out a membership, and donated time and money to my campaign.

Spring has come. My future is (I hope) bright. I love our community and I will never give up on making the world a better place. I look forward to knocking on doors to elect a New Democrat in this riding.

In friendship and solidarity,