The Climate Crisis

Ravi Joshi discusses issues with a resident in the Blake-Boultbee community.
Let’s make real progress in Ottawa, together. Be a part of it

Climate Crisis

Climate change is tangible and real, and its effects are going to reinforce existing inequalities across the planet. Canada has the power and responsibility to be a global leader on climate solutions.

The international community has committed to addressing climate change through a global accord to cut carbon pollution called the Paris Agreement. For it to succeed, every country needs to take action.

But Canada is not meeting its obligations. The Liberal government has reversed course on its pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies, choosing instead to spend $4.5 billion on an oil sands pipeline to prop up a failing industry.

I believe there is a better path for our country. We need bold investments in good green jobs across the country and in our community. We need a federal commitment to a just transition from oil and gas to a clean economy.

I believe we can take action to avert a climate catastrophe, but we can no longer take small steps. Personally, I’ve helped kickstart a resident-led climate change initiative. Professionally, I’ve successfully lobbied at the municipal level to secure funding to fight the impacts of climate change in our city.

Ravi’s plan reminds us all that we can turn the tide on the climate crisis with an inclusive and ambitious plan to build a clean energy future.

Ravi will be a strong Member of Parliament for our community and a desperately needed voice for bold climate action in Ottawa.

Patrick DeRochie,
Climate and Energy Campaigner, Riverdale Resident & NDP Member

As your Member of Parliament:

  • I will support and strengthen a price on carbon and I will work to end tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuel production and redirect the savings to public transit, energy efficiency, home and building retrofits, and renewables.
  • I will oppose any energy project that doesn’t meet Canada’s climate obligations under the Paris Agreement. We need to invest in a clean economy that leaves no worker or community behind and I will push for the Paris targets to be incorporated fully into our environmental review process.
  • I will continue to support initiatives like TransformCarlaw and Pocket Change to transform our community with green transportation, renewables and energy efficiency.
  • I will fight for funding to deal with the impacts of climate change in our community, such as extreme weather events and basement flooding.
  • I will campaign for Canada to endorse international guidelines for the just treatment of climate refugees forced from their home regions by the effects of climate change

Let’s make real progress in Ottawa, together.

Be a part of it