Housing Issues

Ravi Joshi discusses issues with a resident in the Blake-Boultbee community.
Let’s make real progress in Ottawa, together. Be a part of it


Toronto faces a serious housing crisis. Affordable options are disappearing and inequality is deepening.

I have campaigned all my adult life for more livable, affordable, and inclusive housing, working with allies across our city and country to demand smart investments in housing supply.

Through petitions, advocacy, and political action on the floor of Council, we forced the City to open up a thousand new shelter beds. At Social Planning Toronto, we forced Queen's Park to compel developers to build affordable units into new condos – called 'inclusionary zoning'.

Our bedrock principle is that quality housing improves our health and wellbeing and must be enshrined as a human right.

Yet our city is at a breaking point. The economic costs are human costs. Every four days someone in our city will die because they lack housing. Shelters are filled to capacity. It's time to push back hard.

The Federal Liberals have abandoned their promise to take immediate action on affordable housing. It's time they were called to account.

I am running to become your MP because I know we can find our way out of this crisis -- with leadership from Ottawa, and a pledge to build quality affordable housing in our community.

When I think about who I want representing our community, I think of someone like Ravi. A strong local organizer who will stand up for what I believe in.

I'm supporting Ravin because he will bring my voice, and the voice of Toronto – Danforth to Ottawa.

Fatima Khan,
Toronto – Danforth Youth and Community Organizer

As your Member of Parliament, I will:

  • Support mixed-income communities in our riding and across Canada, close to jobs, transit, and services
  • Campaign for direct investments of federal dollars in housing creation
  • Work to expand co-operative housing across Canada
  • Ensure that federal lands in our riding, including waterfront, are dedicated to housing
  • Direct housing investments to target vulnerable, disabled, racialized groups, and those fleeing violence
  • Work to build a dedicated indigenous housing plan, addressing First Nations', Inuit, and Metis needs

Let’s make real progress in Ottawa, together.

Be a part of it