Why Ravi?

Why I'm Running

Ravi Joshi smiling, wearing his winter coat. He's standing in front of a TTC bus at Donlands Station in Toronto-Danforth.

I grew up on Riverdale Ave— I love our community and I love what we stand for.

My parents always taught me and my three siblings to work together, make a difference in our community, and never give up on tough challenges. My mom, a teacher of children with special needs, saved every penny to support our family and her parents back home. As a new Canadian with two degrees, my dad delivered pizza and repaired printers before getting the opportunity to work with a computer company. This community, Toronto—Danforth, helped our family to thrive. That’s what we stand for— that’s what I stand for.

Today, income inequality and an affordability crunch are making it harder and harder for stories like theirs - like mine - to become a reality. In the richest city in the country, young families are wondering how they're going to afford child care and rising housing prices, and plan for the future. Low-income residents have fewer and fewer options to find housing and nutritious food. People like my parents are wondering what kind of future the climate crisis has in store for their grandchildren.

I’ve worked my whole life to bring people into politics, and I’m running to be your NDP candidate because I still believe we can make real progress in Ottawa, but only if we work together.

Whether as a campaigner at Make Poverty History, organizing with equity-seeking communities under Jack Layton's NDP, making our community better with Councillor Paula Fletcher, or working in the nonprofit sector for better services and affordable housing, I have always focused on making a difference and taking on tough challenges.

I am running for the nomination to be the NDP candidate for Toronto—Danforth, and I will be counting on you to help create a winning campaign. As a proud, lifelong New Democrat, I’m hoping to bring new people into the party and build on the legacy of our party in our community.

Let’s make real progress in Ottawa, together.

Be a part of it

About Ravi

Three generations of the Joshi family on a porch in Toronto-Danforth. Ravi’s parents immigrated from England and India.

Ravi Joshi has spent his life making a difference in our community and across the country.

Ravi grew up on Riverdale Ave, as the youngest of four children and became involved in his community as a kid helping his dad deliver donations for Riverdale Share.

As a passionate advocate for a more fair society, Ravi has dedicated his career to fighting inequality and giving a voice to those who are listened to the least. As an organizer at Make Poverty History, Ravi campaigned on the Robin Hood Tax to fund poverty reduction. Ravi worked for Jack Layton’s NDP as an equity organizer, working to bring people from equity-seeking communities into politics. At Social Planning Toronto, Ravi successfully campaigned to make it easier for municipalities to make developers do their fair share to build more affordable housing and strengthen our communities.

Ravi Joshi and his sisters as children, riding bikes on Riverdale Ave. Ravi is two and wearing an Oilers hockey jersey. He is now a Leafs fan.

Ravi has deep roots in Toronto-Danforth. He spent 4 years at City Hall working with Councillor Paula Fletcher to make our neighbourhoods inclusive, livable and vibrant. In his own neighbourhood, Ravi co-founded TransformCarlaw, a resident-led environmental initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of condos on Carlaw. He has volunteered with neighbourhood groups like the Leslieville Historical Society and Ward 30 Bikes.

Ravi knows how government works - and he knows who government leaves behind. He has seen how public policy can make our communities more fair, and how special interests can get in the way. Ravi is committed to working tirelessly to make the system work for all of us.